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I understand that any offer of employment with MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC may require successful completion of any post offer pre-employment physical examination that MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC may require. I also understand and agree that I may be required to undergo and successfully pass a screening for alcohol and/or drugs during or as needed after the hiring process and if employed, as required by the Company.


Professional References

Please list three professional references who can verify your work history and performance. References should not be relatives and at least two must have directly supervised you at some time in your history.

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Personal References

Please list one personal reference (must not be a relative.)


Read this carefully before answering the following questions:

You may answer “No” if your criminal record consists only of one or more of the following: (a) a sealed record on file with the Commissioner of Probation, (b) a case of delinquency or a child in need of services which do not result in a complaint transferred to Superior Court for criminal prosecution, (c) your crimes were misdemeanors and they occurred five or more years ago, or (d) your misdemeanors were limited to a first offense for drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic offense, disturbance of the peace, or affray.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor?

Note: A conviction record will not necessary be a bar to employment.



1. I understand that the receipt of this application does not imply that I will be employed.

2. The statements and information furnished by me in this application are true and complete. I understand that I will be subject to immediate dismissal or refusal to hire if at any time MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC discovers that I have omitted, misstated, or falsified information on this application or at any time during the hiring process.

3. I authorize MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC to conduct a background inquiry to verify the statements and information on this application, and other documentation that I have provided, and other areas that may include prior employment, consumer credit, criminal convictions, motor vehicle history, and other reports. I authorize all previous employers or other persons who have knowledge of me, or my records, to release such information to MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC. I hereby release any individual, agency, and MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC from all claims or liabilities whatever that may arise from the disclosure of such information.

4. I understand that I may be required, depending on my position, to sign a non-complete, confidentiality, and/or business ethics agreement as a condition of my employment.

5. I understand that all employees of MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC are employees at will. If hired, I will be free to resign at any time. Likewise, MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC will have the right to terminate my employment at any time with or without any reason or notice, regardless of the date of payment of my wages or salary. Neither this application, the Safety Handbook, or any other documents given to me is intended to create, not should such document be construed as creating, and express or implied contract of employment for a definite term. I understand that no other company representatives have the authority to alter my at-will status without the written approval of MARKARIAN ELECTRIC, LLC Board of Directors.

My Signature Certifies That I Have Read and Agree with The Above Statements.

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